Jenny La Fontaine

I never did things the conventional way.

I went to University and studied physiology but then decided to train in Herbal Medicine. My husband-at-the-time and I joined a cult and moved to America. We used alternative medicine. I never had a 9-5 job. My son had his own ideas about birth and arrived into the world by c-section. My daughter was born at home in a hot tub.

My parents had sent me to an Anglican convent school and at age 10 I wanted to become a nun. By age 16 I never wanted to go in another church – ever. Something just didn’t fit between my experience of God and what I saw in ‘The Church’. It took me another 30+ years to realize that my relationship with God, Jesus, Buddha and the Archangels is personal – I didn’t need a go-between or organization to connect with them.


There must be more to life … but what? Where?

I knew there was more to life and that I wouldn’t find it in the conventional world. But I doubted myself terribly. I was constantly second guessing so I never really got anywhere. I did numerous self-help trainings but the high after a weekend event was usually gone by the end of the week. Others got results. Why couldn’t I? What was wrong with me?

I wasn’t a total mess! I was successful at teaching and practicing Herbal Medicine. My patients/clients came to me as a last resort when their doctor said they would have to live with their condition. I said ‘No’, nothing is impossible and together we found better health than they had been able to imagine. In that one area of life I was confident – I knew the answers.

Then I gave up Herbal Medicine when my children were young. A few years later in my early 50’s I was lost, depressed and finally left my marriage of 20 years. I was questioning everything about my life and existence and coming up blank.


Women in their 50’s and 60’s often question themselves – I did!

In my coaching practice and amongst my friends I see women in their 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s go through a similar experience of questioning. The causes are different – an unhappy relationship, work that isn’t fulfilling or their body just isn’t what it used to be. Bottom line for so many women is ‘There must be more to life than this’ and it is now urgent to find the answers.

Younger women, and men, also question but not always with the same urgency. If this is you then you have an opportunity to find these answers NOW. Don’t ignore the call!

At 50 I didn’t feel ‘old’ and physically I was just fine. It was more like an alarm clock that rings and can’t be turned off – fortunately because when I found the answers they were profound and more amazing and wonderful than I could ever have imagined.

What I did feel was that here I was at 50 with nothing to show for my life. Of course that wasn’t true. I had 2 lovely children, had been successful with Herbal medicine, moved to another country, traveled extensively etc etc. But it FELT as if I had achieved nothing. At 52 my marriage was over, I had no career, no income and even lost the house to foreclosure in the real estate slump.


My Soul Guidance was always leading me

Isn’t it interesting though that when we feel so completely lost everything still turns out OK! In fact for me it turned out far better than OK. It took a while because I was floundering around in the dark. I had no guide map, no one who could lead me all the way. There were several who had a small (or sometimes large) piece of the puzzle but somehow I found the way. Now I can see that my guidance, my Soul was always leading me. Sometimes it felt as if I was being pushed onto the next step even if I was reluctant to move! I had no choice.

Now I know to check in with my guidance and ask. That has made life SOOO much easier. I KNOW that my guidance has the bigger picture that my human self can’t see and I have learned to have complete and absolute faith. Sometimes it feels like stepping off the edge of a cliff but NEVER do I fall – you won’t either.


When I learned to love myself the magic began to happen

I wasn’t trying to love myself but that was the result. After 50+ years of self-doubt and judgment I actually felt good about myself and my life even though really nothing had changed. I still had no career or income and was living in a rented house with my 2 children. But I was happy – REALLY happy!

Then the magic started to happen. Now I think this part is different for everyone. This is the point at which you find your own purpose and specific skills and talents. For me it was connecting to Guidance. Initially it was Babaji, then Archangels, Jesus, Yogananda and many others especially when I was working with clients and their own spirit guides would show up. They are my teachers, my mentors and my friends and they continue to bring amazing insights both to me personally and to my clients as we work together.


Now I work with Spirit Guidance to help my clients get answers

Now I delight in working with Spirit Guidance to help my clients KNOW that they are OK – just the way they are. They gain self-confidence and no longer feel lost. They know themselves and what they want and life becomes easier and far more fun! Loving Yourself Fully is when the magic begins to happen.


More official Bio Stuff!

In case you are wondering if I am French (La Fontaine means the fountain in French) ……. I am actually originally English. I was born in Malmesbury, Wiltshire in the UK and lived in Wantage (at school), Oxford, London and Shropshire near the border with Wales and moved to the USA (Arizona and now Oregon) in the early ‘90’s.

I read Physiology at University in London (Bedford College in beautiful Regent’s Park) because I didn’t know what else to do. Then I discovered Herbal Medicine and went on to do a 4 year training to become a Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. Practicing Herbal Medicine was as much intuitive for me as it was knowledge based. I was a good practitioner because I listened and then educated my clients so they could see what was possible and had hope again.


When I listen to you, your Guides give me the answers

A valuable lesson for me was when I was in my 4th and final year of training as a Herbalist and I was very sick myself. I had Ulcerative Colitis very severely. I lost huge amounts of weight and ended up in hospital 4 times on steroids and blood transfusions! Interesting times for a student of alternative Medicine! However I learned that as the ‘patient’ I knew far more about my condition than a Doctor who had never had it. So I discovered that when I really listened to my clients they gave me the answers I needed to be able to help them. Hmm ….. sounds just like what I do now except now I listen to their Spirit Guides as well!

In my 20’s and 30’s I went to self-esteem trainings, the Loving Relationships Training (LRT) and even dabbled in the idea of physical immortality! It was all fun but the ‘changes’ never seemed to last long. Now, looking back I can see I was really looking for unconditional love and acceptance and for that ‘something’ that was beyond the conventional human experience.


Having kids changes everything!

We were living in Arizona by then and my focus shifted to more mundane worldly things like diapers (nappies!), schools, being mum, wife, driver, cook, cleaner and my social life revolved around other mums, dads and their kids.

My father died when I was 51 and I was thrust back into looking for that all important ‘something’. I was already unhappy in my life and marriage and losing my father really caused me to question everything. He was a lovely man, an English gentleman, a brilliant and successful artist with a great sense of humor. I rarely remember him being angry or criticizing me. My parents’ marriage was in stark contrast to my own and at 51 I clearly remember thinking “I deserve better than this”.


I was desperate…… and I was given a dream

I still tried everything I knew to ‘save’ the marriage. Finally in desperation I silently cried out for help. That night I had a dream and the answer was crystal clear. It took several more years and tons of searching, trainings and very challenging times before I finally felt good about myself again. The magic then showed up in a profound connection with Spirit Guidance – just as I had experienced so clearly that night but now it was permanent.

I was guided to move to Bend in Central Oregon and found a wonderful community here. Now I live in a beautiful home on 7 acres with my two young adults. I love gardening, hiking and playing pickleball. Last year I fulfilled a 30 year dream and created a natural swimming pond. It is 50 feet in diameter and 6 ½ feet deep. It is like swimming in a pristine lake that is just a few steps from the house!

Heaven on Earth!