What is Happiness

“True Happiness is an Inside job”

– Jenny La Fontaine

Have you been searching for that elusive happiness? A new job, your soul mate, more money, better health – surely that will bring you happiness right? Yes it may, but it will probably be temporary.


So what is happiness – really?

Lets start with what true happiness is NOT. It is not a brief moment in time that slips away at the next event. True happiness is not dependent on the outside world – the new job, relationship, winning the lottery or eating healthy. You may well experience great joy and happiness in any of those circumstances but what if you lose the job or the relationship? What about when all the lottery winnings are gone or you get unexpectedly sick?


happy girlTrue Happiness is not Temporary.

Is it possible to still be happy even when things don’t seem to be going your way? I say YES.

So what is happiness – pure, genuine, lasting happiness?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes happiness as ” a state of well-being and contentment” and ” a pleasurable or satisfying experience”

Imagine LIVING in a state of well-being.


That is what I call true happiness. The good news is that it is not dependent on a job, relationship or even health! In fact all of those can be far better when you first live in a state of true happiness.

So I hear you ask – what is happiness and how can I live in that place of well-being? I am so glad you asked! I searched for happiness for YEARS and when I finally really found it I was surprised by how and where I found it.

“It is right here where you are” Lester Levinson

Lester Levinson, one of my teachers, used to say ‘It is right here where you are’. My response was ‘But WHERE?’ Eventually I found out that he was right. True happiness is not an emotion caused by outside events. It is a state of Being.

Underneath all the mind noise you will find true happiness – guaranteed.
Finding happiness

Are you Ready?

There is a wealth of information right here on this site and I invite you to explore it and begin to see your relationship with yourself and with the pursuit of happiness a little differently. I hope it will bring you hope for what is possible for YOU, right now.

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