Meet Jenny

Hello. My name is Jenny La Fontaine and I am the creator of the ‘Relationships with Ease‘ Programs and the author of ‘How to Change Everything by Changing Nothing’.

My passion is to help women to seriously improve their relationships, and other life challenges, by being happy with themselves first.

Change (the way I do it!) is easier than you think. I can’t wait to meet you (in person or online) and help you have a happy and fulfilling life. You have taken care of everyone else. Now it’s your turn. And that is a good thing for everyone else too!

I learned this the hard way (and I passionately want it to be easier for YOU!).

I was 52 when my 20 year marriage ended. My parents had a great relationship so I fully expected that I would too. So I felt as if I had failed, that there must be something wrong with me. Perhaps hardest of all, I felt I had failed my two children as a mother.

The pain was enough for me to realize I HAD to do something.

Over the next 3 years my whole life changed – from the inside. I didn’t know what to do or how to do it. I just knew I wanted to be happier.

I had no road map or guide along the way (although several different teachers, books and programs showed up). Several times I felt spun out of one experience and thrust into my next steps. It was quite the journey!

The bottom line is that I learned to love myself. But the amazing thing about it was that I discovered that I didn’t have to change anything about me in the process!

Think about it – how can you truly love yourself if you don’t accept yourself just the way you are?

I stumbled upon this ‘truth’ having decided to give up trying to love myself because it just wasn’t ever going to happen. I was just too flawed. I would never be good enough.

Can you relate?

Then please hear me when I say to you that YOU ARE ENOUGH – right now.

If you don’t yet believe that then PLEASE stick around, join my email list, connect with me.

My Mission

I am all about possibilities!

My passion and my mission is to change this world one happy woman at a time!

I wish that all women knew that there is nothing  wrong with them. Nothing to be fixed. (And I completely understand WHY women feel that way because I used to as well)

It frustrates me that so many self-help and personal growth programs still give the impression that there is something to fix or change in order for you to be happy.


Happiness doesn’t come from the outside. A better job, more money or a new relationship doesn’t bring deep, lasting true happiness. Sure it can help – for awhile.

But I want MORE for you.

My deepest desire is for YOU to be happy no matter what is going on around you.

When you are truly happy within yourself you will naturally attract better relationships, health, more love, prosperity and fulfillment.

That may seem like an impossible dream – but it isn’t and deep down in the core of you I believe that you know that.

I believe that that is what every woman craves – to be loved and accepted just the way you are. To be happy and have life be a whole lot easier.

You can absolutely have that – and it starts with YOU and your relationship with yourself.

That’s where I come in. That’s what I do.

Specifically, my mission is to help women to greatly improve their relationships by being happy with themselves first! What’s not to love about that!

THAT is my absolute passion – to help you to love and honor yourself and to be comfortable and confident in your own skin.

That’s when the magic can happen.

That’s what I want for YOU.

The only question then is – do YOU want it for yourself?

(Just to be clear, this is NOT selfish and yes, you CAN do it.)


Your Questions Answered

Is this like therapy?

No. Therapy can often be helpful. However most people who have experienced therapy and working with Jenny find this work much easier and more fun! There is no need to talk through problems, rather we focus more on what you want.


What is an Intuitive Session like?

An intuitive session with Jenny can be in person or by phone or internet. They are all just as effective and powerful.It is like teamwork between you, Jenny and Spirit. Spirit then shows Jenny what is most helpful for you at this time. It is always fun, informative and positive.

What is Energy Clearing?

Energy clearing is a simple and effective way to shift old beliefs that no longer serve you. For example your beliefs around relationships, money, health all have an effect on who you are today. Many of them are just not helpful! So we clear them!

Does my husband have to be there too?

No. I have witnessed several marriages improve greatly and even be ‘saved’ without ever meeting the husband. I generally find I am more effective with working just with women – so that is what I do!

Do I have to come to Oregon for a session?

I frequently do sessions and groups via the phone or zoom (internet) with clients in other States or other countries. In fact when I first started doing sessions ALL my sessions were by phone. One of the advantages of that is that I can easily record the sessions so you can download and replay them anytime. There is no extra charge for that.

More peaceful and loving

"In great part thanks to you, my life (and relationship) is much more peaceful and loving!"

Sharrie S

Better than therapy

" My focus relationship has improved dramatically. Much better than therapy!"

Vivien O

A life changer!

"...my relationship with my adult daughter has completely shifted. Jenny’s class is very literally a life changer. Our relationship is now enjoyable and we have mutually  respect for differences."

Cathy M

Back on track

"Thank you so much. I feel 'back on track' and connected. You are awesome!!"

Janette H

Such a relief to sleep well again

"When I moved into my home I had trouble sleeping. Something kept waking me. Jenny found the disruptor and cleared it from the house. It is such a relief to feel comfortable and sleep well in my own home again."

Susan N

So grateful

"I am so grateful that you came into my life when you did, and I make it a daily practice to reflect on all you've taught me."

Kathy M

Wish I had learned this sooner

"I wish I had learned the techniques Jenny teaches when (my daughter) was younger, we would have bypassed so many hard times. If you are serious about changing relationships in your life, DON’T even think twice, take Jenny’s classes."

Cathy M

Filled with compassion

"Jenny's approach is filled with compassion....without the attitude of 'I'm going to fix you'. The Energy Clearing practice is not to be missed!"

Renee I

Beautiful gift

"Oh Jenny!  Thank you so much for your beautiful gift!  You are a talented woman!"

Anne G

The house sold!

"Jenny helped me clear the energy of a house I wanted to sell.  She found a strong energy tie to a former owner/builder, and as soon as she cleared that energy the house sold.  I can't thank her enough! "


Immediate Energy Shift!

“I'm doing great!  I definitely felt the energetic release immediately …..

You truly have an amazing gift.  Thank you so much for all that you helped me with” Summer R