Affirmations Do Not Work

Affirmations don’t work

…… unless …..they are worded right.

In fact you can do more ‘harm’ than good.

For example – if you are using an affirmation such as “I am a millionaire”. If you aren’t actually a millionaire your mind is going to reply with – ‘No you aren’t’. It may even go on to tell you that you never will be, rich people aren’t good people anyway, you’ll never be good enough ….. etc

So from one simple attempt to uplevel your life you may end up feeling even worse than before. I don’t want that for you!

I was thinking about this on my walk today.

Spiritual Myths can get in the way

There is a spiritual myth that says you have to CHANGE your thinking. That translates to having to MAKE yourself believe …… that you are rich/worthy/lovable/healthy etc when your rational mind is saying – NO YOU AREN’T.

It’s a paradox. On the one hand you ‘have to’ believe in your good. On the other hand your mind KNOWS you aren’t there – yet.

What to do???

Speak the truth

So here is one solution that came to me today on my walk.

“I have everything it takes to be/do/have ………” BAM!

That is TRUE! You absolutely DO have everything it takes.

However, if your mind still won’t play ball then you might try …
“It is possible for me to be/do/have …..”

“If they can do it I can do it”

“I can do anything I put my mind to” – that is a really great one because it kind of sums it all up!

It isn’t about DOING all the right things and working SUPER hard. It is about having the ‘right’ mindset.

It ISN’T about changing your mind but rather SHIFTING your mind from being a nay-sayer to seeing the possibilities.

Technically we all live in the same world. But in actual fact some of us live in a friendlier universe ONLY because that is what we focus our minds on.

OK so as I was walking I was also thinking about those times when you may be in the pits of negativity – for whatever reason, it happens.

So then try saying “It’s OK to be me” or “This too shall pass” (because it always does) or “I am curious to see what gifts are in this for me” (because there always are)

If you are struggling with coming up with a helpful ‘affirmation’ then go to the Facebook page and let’s see what we can come up with for you!

Self-love is seeing the Truth of yourself which is that you DO absolutely have everything it takes to be/do/have whatever it is that you desire.


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