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Seriously Improve Your Relationships – Online Programs

PLUS COMING SOON: Seriously Improve Your Relationship with  YOUR SELF / SPIRIT

Now you can get all the benefits of the wildly successful program ‘Seriously Improve at least One Relationship’ – from anywhere in the world!

JOIN a group of like-minded women to address the most important part of any woman’s life – your relationships.

In this 5-part Program you will get to focus on one relationship. This may be your partner/husband, daughter, son, Mother, Father or maybe your boss, co-worker or a friend. It can even be someone from your past who still ‘haunts’ you.

  • This is NOT therapy. We will not be delving into each relationship. The ‘focus person’ may not even know what you are doing.
  • This is NOT about what is wrong with you, or with them (much as we might like to go there at times!)
  • This is NOT about changing them (I know you have probably already tried that!)
  • This is NOT about changing YOU either – you’ve tried that too!
  • It IS about a slight shift in perspective. As Wayne Dyer said ‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’.
  • It IS about seeing and clearing old energy and beliefs that have kept things ‘stuck’.
  • It IS powerful! Most women experience a shift in their focus relationship even after the first couple of weeks!
  • It IS about your relationship with yourself. When you are happy and at peace with yourself, everything in your world looks and feels better. Over the course of this Program you will come to see exactly WHY this is true and HOW to shift to a happier place ANYTIME. (You will learn this in the very first week!)

Q. HOW DO WE DO THIS?    A. With 3 simple and powerful tools.

  1. Awareness: “Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things they are transformed” Thich Nhat Hanh
  2. Simple Tools: Each week you will learn a simple tool that supports the shift in your daily life. They are always ‘easy and doable’!
  3. Energy Clearing: Some beliefs are ‘locked’ into the subconscious mind. Energy clearing unlocks them so they can move through. It is a simple, fun part of every weeks session that many women say is what has really made the difference in their relationships!


What others are saying about it:-

  • “Much better than therapy”
  • “…..increase self happiness, positive relationships and life fulfillment …. change the way you see the world, and the world around you will change :)”
  • “Jenny’s energy clearing practice is not to be missed!”
  • “…. I am calmer and less reactive”
  • My focus relationship “has improved dramatically”
  • “I already feel the difference” (after just ONE WEEK!)