Please Do Not Let This Be You

Do Not Let This Be You!

Our cat had surgery yesterday.

On Saturday he was showing signs of distress. It was a common male cat problem (urinary issues) that he has had before so my son and I thought we could deal with it and if necessary get some meds for him.

On Sunday he was worse and ended up with an emergency appointment at the vets and surgery.

WHY did we wait?

My son was very distressed when he came back from taking him to the vet. Why had it taken so long to decide to go to the vet? Could he have gone sooner and avoided the high expense of surgery and over night care? More importantly – could we have stopped the suffering sooner?

Why do any of us wait when we are in distress?

Why don’t we ask for help sooner?

Medical issues, financial or, my specialty, relationship issues …… you ALL know of someone who has waited, or YOU have waited.

ASK me how I know this! We did it with our cat. I have done it with health, financial AND relationship problems.

My ‘reasoning’?

It will be expensive
I can get through this by myself
I’m embarrassed
I don’t know who to ask
I’m fine …….!!!

Then it becomes REALLY urgent and I finally reach out and find that ……

It costs MORE than if I/we had done something sooner!
I was kidding myself that I could work it out myself and even if I could it would take FAR longer = FAR more suffering
EVERYONE has issues. Many are FAR worse than mine so get over yourself.
Google it! Ask guidance. Ask your friends. Ask on facebook. Ask your neighbors. ASK.
If you or someone you love are suffering you are NOT fine.

How long have YOU been suffering?

It took me years of trying to resolve my marriage issues. Not only was it affecting me but also my children. I kidded myself that I could work it out myself. I was embarrassed. I felt like I had failed as a mother and wife. My parents had a great relationship. I expected that I would too – until I didn’t.

I waited until I was really at rock bottom before I finally did something. Don’t get me wrong. I had tried LOTS of things – books, trainings etc.

What I HADN’T done is to say ‘I can’t fix this. I NEED HELP’.

Many people believe that we NEED big challenges in order to grow and learn – WRONG.

Yes, people wait until they no longer have a choice and THEN get help and make the changes. That doesn’t mean it HAS to be that way.

FIRST the Universe whispers, THEN it speaks and FINALLY it sends you a tsunami.

You don’t have to wait for the tsunami. LISTEN NOW.

If you are suffering, the Universe is speaking to you.

Don’t wait to get help

Our cat started whispering to us a few days ago. On Saturday he was speaking. Yesterday, Sunday, he was silently screaming and we finally heard him.

He may still have needed surgery. But we could have saved him some suffering.

I can’t change what happened and it doesn’t help to beat myself up about it.

I CAN learn from it. It is my responsibility to myself and Kuro – our kitty, to learn from it.

So I am asking you – PLEASE DON’T WAIT.

Let the suffering of our little boy be YOUR wake up call.

P.S. As I write this our kitty is still at the vets but doing much better.

P.P.S. A few days later he relapsed and I honestly did not think he would make it. I am happy to say that he rallied thanks to my son’s perseverance and care! Cat’s really DO have 9 lives! He is now doing just fine.


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