Self-happiment is the art of resolving life’s issues

by being happy and at peace with yourself first.


Most people strive to find happiness by changing their outer world. Self-happiment is being happy first so your world can be better too.

A better job, relationship even health is never a long term answer to finding true happiness.

The truth is that happiness comes from the inside – not the other way around.

When you are truly happy and at peace with yourself the world around you begins to change and improve too. That is self-happiment.

Happiness is a feeling that comes and goes. Happiment is a state of being. Self-happiment is connecting with that state of being that is You – and always has been.

Very young children tend to live in a state of self-happiment – it is their natural default state of being. As they grow then more complex feelings are added. As adults it can seem harder and harder to be naturally happy – unless the outer circumstances are good. Adults have mostly lost that ability to connect with their own self-happiment and so they turn to changes in their relationships, money, jobs or become overly focused on body and health issues.


When will you be happy?

Complete this sentence:-

I’ll be happy when ……….

No matter how you answer that question your happiness is dependent on something else other than yourself. Or it is based on the need to change yourself in some way. Either way something has to change first before you can be happy. The problem is that you are then focusing on ….. the problem, rather than on the solution.


Self-happiment as the solution

You have spent most of your life looking for happiness through change.

Has it worked or are you still looking?

Are you ready to try something radically different …… and yet as simple as shifting the way you look at yourself?

The REAL truth is that trying to be happy is exactly whats in the way of your own self-happiment.

Re-learn how to connect to your own state of happiment – just as you did as a child, and the outer world begins to change for the better as well.

“But what if it doesn’t change for the better?” you may ask. Well what HAS changed is that now you know how to be happy no matter what is going on around you so that has to be a huge improvement right there!

So what do you have to lose? Stress, worry, self-doubt and unhappiness. But I doubt you would be reading this if you wanted those more than you want self-happiment.

So welcome to the beginning of a whole new way of Being.