Distance Home Energy Clearing


Home Energy Clearing – no matter where you live in the world!

For your home, office, vacation home or buying/selling.

Let your home feel like your Castle!

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Distance Home Energy Clearing – No matter where you live!

You spend more time in your home than anywhere else. Distance home energy clearing can help you be comfortable in your own home. Your home may have energy from previous occupants, the builders, visitors, family arguments, illness or very occasionally I have even needed to clear an entity from the home.


Sleep is a time of rest and rejuvenation – or it should be and yet so many people don’t sleep well. My client Susan had an ‘energy’ in her bedroom related to a previous tenant – no wonder she didn’t sleep well – until we cleared it!


Clearing negative energy from your home can also help with relationships. Janette was trying to sell a vacation home. What we found were issues that she had had with the builder. When we cleared them the house sold quickly!


A couple in Germany had sleep issues too. That turned out to be caused by energy that was held within their bed. After clearing it they now sleep well again.

New Home Energy Clearing

Clearing energy in your home is often about far more than just the home. Krystal was in the process of moving into a new home after getting divorced. Aside from clearing negative energy from a new home, Spirit also showed us clearings that helped her to move confidently into this new phase of her life.


Who can benefit from Distance Home Energy Clearing?

  • Selling a home that isn’t attracting a buyer
  • Changing relationships – marriage, divorce, separation, roommates or children moving out (or in!)
  • Moving into a new home or apartment so you aren’t living with the energy of previous occupants or builders!
  • Homes with lots of history!
  • Health or sleep issues
  • Issues with neighbors
  • Anytime you just don’t feel comfortable in your own home!
  • Clear office or work space for greater health and productivity.


Why do you do Home Energy Clearing by phone?

People are often surprised that I only do Home Energy Clearing by phone. After all shouldn’t you be IN the home and use sage and stuff? Certainly you can do it that way.


However, I have found that I ‘see’ more when I rely ONLY on what Spirit shows me. That way my mind is not involved at all – as it might be if I was to visually see the home. When I do energy clearing of homes from a distance my mind is clear of any judgments that may otherwise influence the session.


In fact neither of us needs to be physically in the home. This means we can ‘clear’ any home anywhere in the world anytime! House cleansing also applies to the land under and around the home, the history of the home and often the builders too.


What Energy Clearing Techniques Do You Use?

I am always guided by Spirit. During the session Spirit will guide us to the areas that most need attention. That may be a specific room, piece of furniture, the land under or around the home, neighbors or something related to why you are in this home, or moving.


Then I use a simple energy clearing technique for each space and the whole home and property. I may also suggest some simple tools for you to continue to use yourself.


Clearing bad energy from your home in this way is always fun and informative as you will learn a lot about yourself and your home.


What does the Distance Home Energy Clearing Package consist of?

  • We do 2 sessions about 2-3 weeks apart.
  • First session is about 75 minutes
  • Second session is about 50 minutes. This is to check in on the changes and address any underlying layers that may now show up.
  • Both sessions are by phone and recorded. We cover a lot in a short period of time so the replay means you won’t miss anything!
  • You do not need to be physically in the home. You just need a quiet place and a phone!


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