Intuitive Guidance PLUS Energy Clearing Session


Worked with Jenny before and need a ‘tune-up’? Got more questions and need Guidance? Then this 60-minute session is perfect for you!



60 minute Intuitive Guidance PLUS Energy Clearing Session with Jenny

This is perfect for you if you have already experienced the extraordinary benefits of a session with Jenny and are ready for more! (New to Jenny’s work? Check out her Introductory Special HERE)

  • Ask questions about your life and relationships and receive Guidance
  • Energy Clearing to get ‘unstuck’ from situations or feelings that keep repeating
  • Energy Clearing to continue to improve your important relationships (you can never get too much of this!)
  • Get insights on situations to help you shift to a more positive perspective
  • Simple tools to support the shifts you make during the session so they can be even more beneficial!


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