SERIOUSLY Improve Your Relationships: GROUP Program

The highly successful 4-week group program to seriously improve at least one relationship.

Choose a challenging relationship and watch the magic happen!



Seriously Improve at least One Relationship in Your Life

4-Week Women’s Group Program

Don’t miss the next opportunity to join this highly successful, fun and effective program! Use the Contact Form below to get on the list and be the first to hear about the next group starting 3rd week in August 2019

Held locally in or near Bend, Oregon this is a 4-week Women’s program meeting once a week.

  • Choose one relationship to focus on (typically a husband/partner, son or daughter, sibling or other family member)
  • Not sure who to choose? Ask for Guidance from Jenny (and her Guides!) in the first session to see who is the best choice for you at this time.
  • This is NOT therapy (it’s actually much easier and faster!)
  • Your focus relationship does not even need to know you are a part of this group!
  • The group is a private, safe and extremely supportive space to allow the magic to happen!
  • We always have fun and results can start as soon as week #2!
  • You will learn more about how your mind works and how to get the best out of it – that, by itself, is life-changing!
  • Energy Clearing for stuck feelings and situations PLUS to improve your relationships
  • Simple tools to support the changes that happen in the group sessions – and can be used forever!

Use the Contact Form and let Jenny know:-

  • YES – I want to be the first to know about the next group!
  • OR – I already have a group of 7-10 women who want to form a private group
  • OR – I am interested to join the next online group


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