Seriously Improve Your Relationships

JOIN a small group of like-minded women in Bend Oregon (or online) and together we will help you to:-

  • Seriously improve at least one relationship (partner, spouse, daughter/son, parent, friend etc)
  • PLUS be happy and at peace with yourself (THE most important relationship you will ever have!)

As women, relationships are the backbone of our existence. In this group you will learn why the Universe has sent you these ‘challenges’ and how amazingly empowering it is to know how to transform ANY relationship – without having to change ‘them’ first!

We use a combination of simple tools and Jenny’s intuition combined with energy clearing to easily and effectively transform your relationships.

Who this is for:

  • Women who have a challenging relationship  (don’t we all!)
  • Women who are tired of feeling alone (with or without a primary relationship)
  • Women who know they would feel happier if this relationship was easier
  • You’ve tried getting them to change …… (How’s that working for you??!!)
  • You don’t want to try to learn communication skills or go to therapy
  • You just want to be you and be loved and accepted just the way you are

Praise for the Program:

  • “Much better than therapy”
  • “…..increase self happiness, positive relationships and life fulfillment …. change the way you see the world, and the world around you will change :)”
  • “Jenny’s energy clearing practice is not to be missed!”
  • “…. I am calmer and less reactive”
  • My focus relationship “has improved dramatically”
  • “I already feel the difference” (after just ONE WEEK!)

JOIN the next 5-week BEND OREGON GROUP –

  • Coming Soon
  • Exact location in Bend Oregon – TBD
  • SMALL group of like minded women
  • JOIN HERE NOW – VERY limited space (Max 10 women)


If you are beginning to wonder if it can ever happen for you – I say YES! I did it, YOU can too.

As women we are all about relationships.

Relationships with your spouse/partner, children, friends, co-workers, clients and even that ex-spouse who still haunts you long after they are gone from your life.

When you are happy in your relationships then all is well with the world.

When you aren’t happy – you can feel alone, helpless and small. Maybe you even feel embarrassed.

I GET IT! Several years ago that is exactly how I felt. It was actually the best thing that could have happened because what I discovered is that I have EVERYTHING to say about my own happiness, AND my relationships.

It all starts with THE most important relationship you have, or will EVER have – your relationship with YOU.

So come and join us!